Ranking the Marvel Movies: A Closer Look at the MCU Films

Marvel cinematic universe
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In this article we will be discussing and ranking the Marvel movies! If you are a fan of superheroes and action-packed films, then you have probably watched at least one of the Marvel movies. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has released many movies over the years, featuring popular characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Avengers. In this article, we will take a closer look at each of these movies and rank them based on various factors such as plot, character development, special effects, and overall entertainment value. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just someone looking to watch a good movie, this article is for you! So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Marvel movies!


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Thor’s second movie, “Thor: The Dark World,” tried to be a serious superhero film, but it ended up being boring. This is its biggest problem. The director, Alan Taylor, who previously worked on Game of Thrones, aimed to give the movie a medieval feel, but instead created a generic comic book movie that was difficult to follow. The plot is about Dark Elves and magical objects, but the convoluted story weighs the movie down. Despite some good performances by Tom Hiddleston, the movie’s serious tone makes it too heavy. After this movie, Marvel may have gone too far in the other direction, making films that were too light and comedic. “Thor: The Dark World” is a reminder that even gods can benefit from some humor.

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The movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” is the beginning of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe someday we’ll like it more, but for now it feels like it’s trying to do too much. The movie seems to forget that it’s important to focus on the present instead of the past or future. The story is about Scott Lang trying to spend time with his daughter, but the movie can’t decide if it wants to be funny or serious. It keeps going back and forth, which makes it hard to follow. We don’t know what will happen to Kang, but “Quantumania” shows that sometimes it’s not good to be too attached to a plan.


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Do you think anyone in the Marvel fandom has fallen further from their fans’ love than Taika Waititi? The director from New Zealand became famous for making low-budget comedies like Hunt for the Wilderpeople and What We Do In the Shadows (the amazing movie, not the even more amazing show he produced) and then joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Thor: Ragnarok. That movie was an explosion of bright colors and fun and set a standard that no Marvel movie since has been able to match. Unfortunately, Thor: Love and Thunder, Waititi’s next Thor movie, is a disappointment. The humor is forced and not funny, and the computer-generated special effects are overdone. The movie suggests that Thor will be back, but maybe it’s time to try something new.

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Oh, the unloved child of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Edward Norton might not have played the Bruce Banner character as well as we wanted, but his movie shows us what the MCU could have been. It wasn’t the first Marvel movie, but it was the first try at creating a whole series of movies. It’s not perfect, it has a scene with sex (which was shocking!), and it’s missing that special thing that makes the MCU so great. But it’s the beginning of the MCU, and new things aren’t always perfect. Even though it’s not like the other Marvel movies, it’s still interesting to see because it shows how much the creators wanted to try new things and figure out what worked (even if this movie wasn’t what worked – it was Iron Man).


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Eternals is a Marvel movie that tried something different but didn’t quite succeed. The director, Chloé Zhao, had just won an Oscar, and people thought that Marvel was going to start doing things differently by working with more artistic directors. Unfortunately, Eternals didn’t work out as well as people hoped. It was a strange movie that didn’t quite hit the right notes, even though it had big ideas that could have been interesting. The cast was full of great actors, including Angelina Jolie, but they didn’t seem to know what to do with their roles. And while Zhao’s naturalistic directing style might work for some movies, it didn’t quite fit with the colorful, psychedelic world of Jack Kirby’s Eternals. Even though the movie was asking a big question – “Should we save humanity?” – it didn’t feel like it had enough heart.

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27. IRON MAN 2

27. IRON MAN 2
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Iron Man 2 is not one of the best Marvel movies. The main story was kind of boring, and the bad guy who loved birds and was obsessed with Tony Stark was just weird. But there are still good things about the movie. It’s the first time we see Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow, and even though the director’s camera work was creepy, she was great in the role. It’s also the movie where Don Cheadle takes over the role of James Rhodes, which was a big change that turned out to be a great thing for the MCU. But most importantly, Iron Man 2 showed us who Tony Stark was without his armor. Even though the reactor in his chest keeps him alive, he’s not invincible. Iron Man 2 was smart to remind us of that, and it’s most interesting when it explores that idea.


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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a superhero movie that’s a bit of a mess. It’s not always serious, and sometimes it’s even gross. But that’s just what you’d expect from a movie directed by Sam Raimi, who made the original Spider-Man movies. Raimi brings his own crazy style to this Marvel movie, even though the plot is a bit too busy. There are funny moments, touching moments, and even some really scary parts, especially when Elizabeth Olsen’s character, Wanda, is on screen. Raimi also makes the movie look really cool, with lots of fun visual effects that we haven’t seen before in the MCU. Even though Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has some flaws, it’s still one of the most exciting superhero movies we’ve seen in a while.


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Being the worst Avengers movie is not the worst thing to be. Age of Ultron has some issues, but it’s still a cool superhero movie with an exciting battle against an evil robot. The new characters like Wanda and Vision make it an essential part of the MCU story. Plus, the scene where they try to lift Thor’s hammer is amazing. The movie’s biggest problem is the forced romance between Black Widow and Hulk, which doesn’t really go anywhere. Some people blame the director, Joss Whedon, for trying too hard to make the characters funny and failing to come up with a good story.

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Black Widow is a memorable Marvel movie that was released during a difficult time because of the pandemic. Its opening credits and montages are impressive. Although it’s not closely related to the rest of the MCU, it’s still powerful. The film mixes Cold War-style action, family themes, and Stranger Things-like elements with a standout performance from David Harbour as Red Guardian. It’s the first movie to successfully show a villain using the heroes’ powers. The separate elements of the movie would have made for an excellent spy thriller, but they didn’t come together well in the end. The final battle scene had confusing CGI effects. On the bright side, it introduced Florence Pugh as the direct and amusing Yelena Belova.

23. THOR

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The first Thor movie was an important one for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many people didn’t consider Thor as their favorite character before the movie came out in 2011. The film was directed by Kenneth Branagh and took the character seriously, which was a strength. Chris Hemsworth played Thor straight and didn’t try to be ironic. The cast was also excellent, including Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, and Kat Dennings. While the first Thor may not be the best-looking Marvel movie, it was brave in its approach to the character.


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Ant-Man and the Wasp was important after Avengers: Infinity War because it gave audiences a break from the sad ending. It also set up a great moment in the MCU when the heroes went back in time to try to save the day. Although it’s not perfect (like some other second movies in the MCU), it’s still a key part of the overall story and one of the best sequels. – Dais Johnston

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever could have been one of the best Marvel movies ever made, but the tragic death of lead actor Chadwick Boseman made it a difficult and emotional project. Director Ryan Coogler and his team did an excellent job of honoring Boseman’s memory and his impact on the franchise. They also introduced new characters, like Riri Williams and Namor, which will play important roles in future movies. However, the movie struggled at times to balance setting up future stories with telling its own. Despite this, the film succeeds in paying tribute to Boseman and his legacy.


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If we had to pick a moment when people started getting tired of Marvel movies, it would probably be Captain Marvel. It looked great on paper and got great reviews in 2019 when it came out, but it seems like people have forgotten about it since then. Maybe it was because Brie Larson’s character wasn’t very lively, or maybe it was because the villains weren’t very memorable. Whatever the reason, Captain Marvel feels like a TV show you might watch on Disney+. It’s okay, and has some good characters, but the story isn’t very exciting. The good news is that there’s a lot of potential for future Captain Marvel movies to be even better. – Hoai-Tran Bui


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James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, gives us a memorable line from Yondu: “He might have been your father, but he wasn’t your daddy.” Despite mixed reviews compared to the first movie, the sequel is a moving exploration of the complex relationships between fathers and their children. The film’s soundtrack is more diverse, featuring songs from Fleetwood Mac, George Harrison, and Looking Glass, which adds depth to the story’s themes. The closing shot of Rocket crying tells us that more emotional moments are in store for the next film.

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Doctor Strange is a great movie that people don’t talk about much in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It stars famous actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, and Mads Mikkelsen, who all did a great job with their roles. The movie is also visually amazing, thanks to the director Scott Derrickson who made it trippy and exciting. Although some people might not remember the story, Doctor Strange is still worth watching because of the character Wong, who is a fan favorite.


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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings had a hard time at the box office due to the pandemic, but it’s still important because it shows an Asian superhero on the big screen when anti-Asian prejudice is a problem. The movie is directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, stars Simu Liu, and has Tony Leung playing his father. The story is more relatable now and talks about finding your own path. Even though the plot is a bit formulaic and has too much computer graphics towards the end, it still manages to put an obscure comic book character on the same level as the Avengers.

16. IRON MAN 3

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Iron Man 3 is one of the Marvel movies that feels more like a regular movie. Some fans don’t like it because the director, Shane Black, focused on creating a smart, funny story rather than showcasing a cool villain or building on the Marvel universe. The movie deals with Tony Stark’s PTSD and features a great buddy comedy dynamic. Although the villain’s character could have been better, and the plot was not particularly exciting, the film’s constant surprises kept viewers engaged in a way that no other Marvel movie has been able to do.


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Avengers: Endgame brought a big change to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The loss of Tony Stark felt really hard to get over, especially for Spider-Man. That’s why Spider-Man: Far From Home was a breath of fresh air. With the Avengers recovering and the world resetting, Peter Parker can start anew. Far From Home takes Spider-Man on a fun tour of Europe, with lots of jokes and a great villain played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man had to fight to find his place in a world already full of powerful heroes. He still has some issues in his second movie, but Far From Home shows he’s becoming more independent.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is a movie that has a lot going on. It’s the third movie in the series with Tom Holland playing Spider-Man. The movie is also a crossover with other Spider-Man movies and has a sad love story. Despite all of this, it’s not just an “OK” movie, it’s actually really good. It’s an exciting action movie that captures the essence of all three Spider-Man characters, especially Tom Holland’s version. The movie shows that Peter Parker is loved and pitied because he has a strong sense of responsibility, which is a big part of his character. The third act is especially powerful and emotionally impactful.


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This article talks about how Ant-Man, a Marvel movie starring Paul Rudd, showed that the franchise could also be funny and goofy. The movie captured the quirkiness of the Marvel Comics at a time when the MCU was getting darker. Even though Ant-Man was a humble beginning for the character, he quickly became a fan favorite in the movie and in real life. In fact, he was even included in the Rogers: the Musical, showing how popular he had become.


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In a year when the US politics were tumultuous, superheroes used the theme of division. After Batman and Superman fought in another universe, Steve and Tony split the MCU over a conflict that was physical, philosophical, political, and personal. The Russo Brothers directed Captain America: Civil War, which is a masterpiece, balancing the needs of its title lead and the cinematic franchise. While it may be overloaded with new characters, it still tells a clear story about Steve and his struggle to understand the modern world, making Civil War one of the most impactful Marvel movies.


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Avengers: Infinity War has a lot going on, but it somehow manages to pull it off. The movie brings together many different storylines and characters, with no one hero getting much time in the spotlight. However, the film’s secret weapon is Thanos. Rather than just being a villain, Infinity War makes Thanos the main character, giving the movie a clear focus. Co-director Joe Russo explained that they wanted to tell a story from the point of view of a villain, and it works. Infinity War is a crossover event, but it’s also a character study. Even if you already know how it ends, the movie is still worth watching again.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is different from the previous movies made by director James Gunn. Instead of being just a fun, action-packed adventure, this movie has a more serious tone. It explores emotions like sadness, anger, and joy, and deals with the idea of loss and hope for the future. Because of this, it is considered one of the best and most touching movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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When a trilogy has a weak movie, you know it’s a good one. Captain America: The First Avenger is that weak movie for some, but we disagree. It’s directed by Joe Johnston and tells the story of an old-fashioned superhero. It’s a charming, occasionally cartoonish film that introduces Chris Evans’ Captain America, who becomes the steady soul of the MCU. It also establishes a love story between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter that spans decades. One of the most bittersweet moments in the MCU is when Steve wakes up 70 years later and tells Nick Fury that he had a date, showing how well The First Avenger captures the character’s emotions. – Alex Welch (edited)


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Tom Holland’s debut as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War wasn’t ideal. Marvel and Sony then released a standalone movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming, where Holland got to establish his version of Peter Parker. The movie isn’t just about Spidey and Iron Man teaming up, but also about Peter’s relationships with his best friends MJ and Ned. Homecoming captures what it’s like for a teenage superhero to navigate life. The movie’s realistic portrayal of Peter and his friends convinced people that Holland was the perfect choice to play Spider-Man. This is impressive, considering how quickly it was released after the previous Spider-Man movie.

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Avengers: Endgame is a big deal and it has been praised a lot. But what makes it really great is that it’s human. It has a heart that is felt in everyday moments that other superhero movies usually skip. Like when Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff talk about how heavy their duties are, when Tony Stark puts his daughter to bed, and when Captain America finally gets to dance with the love of his life. Endgame is not perfect, but its sincerity makes it stand out from many other Marvel movies. – Alex Welch


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When it came out, Guardians of the Galaxy was a really good space movie. It had cool art and an awesome soundtrack that people loved. The movie also showed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was big enough to have stories that didn’t always connect to the Avengers. Even now, almost 10 years later, the best thing about Guardians of the Galaxy is that it can stand on its own. When the Guardians appear in other movies, they aren’t as simple or fun as they were in the first one. We don’t know what people will think of Guardians of the Galaxy in the future, but for now, it’s a classic movie that people still like.


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If Iron Man was the first Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie, The Avengers was the first major event in the MCU. Marvel Studios had a big challenge in bringing together a huge team of superheroes, but they succeeded by bringing in Joss Whedon, who had directed The Cabin in the Woods. Whedon’s style, which included humor and witty one-liners, was already present in previous MCU films, but it was most prominently displayed in The Avengers, which helped establish it as a Marvel trademark. The Avengers was able to wrap up a story arc while also setting up bigger things to come, making it both an ending and a beginning for the MCU.


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Every big thing has to start small. For the MCU, the starting point was Iron Man. It was directed by someone who had never made a superhero movie and starred an actor who was not that popular. T o make it worse, the script was not good, and the actors had to rewrite it on set.Despite all that, Iron Man worked and launched the MCU. It’s a well-made and enjoyable movie, and Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as the lead character is captivating. Like the hero himself, Iron Man doesn’t just get off the ground, it soars.

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After the flop of Thor: The Dark World, Taika Waititi directed a movie that changed the character without explanation. Thor: Ragnarok is not just the best Thor or Avengers movie, but also one of the most enjoyable and heartfelt superhero movies. This is because the movie has something that some of the forgettable MCU movies lack: style. From Mark Mothersbaugh’s amazing score to the incredible acting from Mark Ruffalo, Tessa Thompson, Tom Hiddleston, and Cate Blanchett as the ultimate Marvel villain, this movie has it all. Finally, Chris Hemsworth was able to make Thor the most likable, heroic, and funniest Avenger.


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Every Marvel movie is a kind of advertisement for the military, but the Captain America movies are even more so. The First Avenger, directed by Joe Johnston, had a World War II vibe to it that made it easier to sell. But after Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) was brought back to life and thrown into modern times, his patriotism seemed out of place. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, they tackled this problem head-on and made an exciting movie that felt like a political thriller from the 70s. They even cast Robert Redford, a big star from that era. The action in the movie was intense and the hero was tough. The Winter Soldier set a high standard that hasn’t been surpassed by other Marvel movies or directors.


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Black Panther was a very important movie. Ryan Coogler made a great film about a Black superhero. The movie was amazing in many ways, like how Wakanda looked futuristic and amazing, how Chadwick Boseman played the prince so well, and how Michael B. Jordan made a really good villain named Killmonger. But what’s most special about Black Panther is how it tells an exciting story that also has a strong message about politics and society. Coogler did a great job of mixing entertainment with important ideas. Jordan’s performance as Killmonger was especially great because he used the same tools as the bad guys to fight against them. The movie shows how Black history is a big part of the story, and it does it all in a way that is exciting and feels like a comic book movie. Black Panther is a movie that has a lot to say and does it in a way that is powerful and sincere. – Hoai-Tran Bui

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