Experience the New Features of macOS Ventura

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The latest version of Apple’s operating system, macOS Ventura, is designed to enhance the user’s experience on their Mac. With a host of new and improved features, Ventura aims to streamline common tasks and provide users with powerful tools to increase productivity. Whether it’s browsing the web, organizing files, or communicating with others, Ventura provides innovative ways to accomplish these tasks more efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, macOS Ventura is poised to revolutionize the way people use their Mac.


Smart Search and Notifications: Our intelligent search function corrects typos and suggests synonyms improve your search results. You can also see a more comprehensive view of shared content from the moment you start searching for email messages. We also offer notifications to alert you if you forget to include an important recipient or attachment.

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Undo Send and Scheduled Send: With our “Undo Send” feature, you can retract an email message before it reaches the recipient’s inbox. You can also use our “Scheduled Send” option to send emails at the perfect time.

Efficient Follow-Up and Reminders: Move sent email messages to the top of your inbox for easy follow-up and set reminders to revisit emails that you opened but didn’t have time to respond to.

Rich Link Integration and BIMI Support: Include rich links to provide more context and details to your email messages. Additionally, our BIMI support makes it easy to identify verified brand iconography and authenticated email messages.

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Preview files using Quick Look: To view files quickly, simply press the Space bar on a result to access Quick Look.

Quick actions: Spotlight allows you to take quick actions with ease. Start a timer, turn on a Focus, identify a song with Shazam, run any shortcut, and much more.

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Rich results: Easily find all the information you need in one comprehensive result. Our rich results are available for contacts, actors, musicians, movies, TV shows, businesses, and sports.

Image search: Spotlight can search by locations, scenes, or objects in your images from Photos, Messages, Notes, and the Finder. For example, you can search for images of a dog, a car, or text in the images.

Web image search: You can also search for images of people, animals, monuments, and more from the web using Spotlight.


Sharing Tabs with Friends: You can now share your set of tabs with friends. They can add their own tabs and everyone will see the changes immediately.

Custom Start Pages for Tab Groups: Each Tab Group has a start page that can be customized with a background image and favorites.

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Pinned Tabs in Tab Groups: Tab Groups can now have pinned tabs for each group, allowing for further customization.

New Web Extension APIs: This new update provides developers with more options to create Safari web extensions.

Web Push Notifications: This new update supports opt-in notifications from Safari pages on macOS.

Extension Syncing: You can now see available extensions from other devices listed in Safari preferences, and once installed, the extension will sync across devices.

Website Settings Sync: Settings you’ve made for specific websites, like page zoom and automatic Reader view, will now sync across your devices.

New Languages Added: Safari now supports Arabic, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, and Dutch in web page translation.

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Web Page Image Translation: This update adds support for translating text in images using Live Text.

Additional Web Technologies Support: Developers have more power and control over the styling and layout of web pages, enabling more engaging content.

Editing Strong Passwords: Safari now allows you to edit strong passwords suggested by the browser to adjust for site-specific requirements.

Wi-Fi Password Management: You can now find and manage your Wi-Fi passwords in Network Preferences, making it easier to reference, share, or delete them.

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A Better and Safer Way to Sign-In: Passkeys are a new and improved way to sign in to websites that are easier and safer than using passwords. With Passkeys, you don’t have to remember complex passwords or worry about someone stealing them.

Safe from phishing: Passkeys are specific to each website you use them for, and they never leave your device. This makes it almost impossible for someone to trick you into giving them your Passkey through phishing.

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Safe from website leaks: When you use Passkeys, no secret information is stored on the website’s server. This means that if a website gets hacked, your Passkey won’t be compromised because it’s not stored there.

Sync across devices: Passkeys are also easy to use on all your Apple devices. They are encrypted and can be synced across your devices using iCloud Keychain. This means you can use the same Passkey on your phone, tablet, and computer without having to remember different passwords.


Collaboration invitations: You can invite people to work together on a project through Messages. They will automatically be added to the document, spreadsheet, or project. This works with different apps like Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, and more.

Collaboration updates: If someone makes changes to the project, you will see updates at the top of the Messages thread. You can click on the updates to go back to the shared project.

Messages Collaboration API: Developers can make their apps work with Messages and FaceTime, so it’s easy to start and manage collaboration with other people.

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Shared with You API: Developers can make a section in their app called “Shared with You.” When someone sends you a video or article, it will be easy to find later when you have more time.

Edit a message: You can change a message for up to 15 minutes after you send it. The other person will be able to see that you changed it.

Undo send: You can take back a message for up to 2 minutes after sending it.

Mark as unread: You can mark a message as “unread” if you don’t have time to reply right away but want to remember to do it later.

Recover recently deleted messages: You can get back messages that you recently deleted for up to 30 days.

SharePlay via Messages: You can watch movies, listen to music, work out, play games, and more with friends while chatting in Messages.

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Using FaceTime Handoff: Switch easily between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad when on a FaceTime call. If you transfer a call, your Bluetooth headset will transfer with it.

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Working Together: If you’re working with others on a project, you can use FaceTime to easily start a call with them in Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders, Safari, and other third-party apps that support it.

Continuity Camera

Use your iPhone as a webcam and microphone on your Mac: You can now use your iPhone camera and microphone as a webcam and microphone for your Mac. This allows you to do things that were not possible with a traditional webcam. You can connect your iPhone to your Mac either with a wire or wirelessly, and your Mac will automatically switch to using your iPhone camera or microphone when it’s close.

Portrait mode: With Continuity Camera, you can now use Portrait mode on any Mac. This feature blurs the background and keeps the focus on you.

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Centre Stage: With Continuity Camera, Centre Stage is also available on any Mac. This feature adjusts the framing as you move, keeping you in the center of the frame.

Studio Light: You don’t need to worry about lighting when using Studio Light. It’s a video effect that dims the background and illuminates your face, making it perfect for challenging lighting situations.

Desk View: Desk View allows you to show what’s on your desk during a video conference. You can use the Ultra Wide camera on your iPhone to share your desk and your face at the same time.

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Game Center

See what your friends are playing: Check out what games your friends are playing and their achievements all in one spot with the updated Game Center dashboard and profile.

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Play with friends: Games that allow multiplayer with Game Center support now have SharePlay integration. You can start playing together right away while on a FaceTime call.


Flexible canvas: Freeform’s canvas allows you to create diagrams for new projects, organize important assets or brainstorm ideas with no limits.

Fully collaborative: Real-time collaboration allows you to see the additions and edits of others as if you were working together in person in front of a real whiteboard.

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Rich communication: Freeform uses Messages Collaboration API, enabling you to start a session from FaceTime and see updates from collaborators in your Messages conversation.

Rich multimedia support: You can embed images, videos, audios, PDFs, documents and web links, and preview them on the canvas without leaving your board.

System Settings

System Preferences: System Preferences is a place on your device where you can change how your device works. It has been given a new name called System Settings and a new design that is easier to use.

Easy to find settings: The new design makes it simple to move through different settings by using a sidebar. The settings are grouped into categories that are close to each other, making it easier to find what you are looking for.

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More space: Each setting panel has more space so it is easy to find what you need right away.

Search: If you don’t know where to find a setting, you can search for it in the search field at the top of the sidebar.

AirPods: If you have AirPods, you can access and change their settings in one place. When you connect your AirPods, an AirPods menu will appear at the top of System Settings.

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Privacy & Security

Lock Hidden and Recently Deleted albums in Photos: You can now lock the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums in the Photos app. They will be locked automatically and can only be opened with your login password or Touch ID.

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Quick Security Response: Your devices will get important security updates even faster. These updates don’t need a regular software update and can be applied automatically without restarting your device.

Lockdown Mode: A new security mode called Lockdown provides extra protection for people who have serious and specific threats to their digital security. Lockdown mode strengthens your device’s defenses and limits certain functions, which reduces the chance of highly targeted spyware attacks.


Background Sounds for Mac: Now you can play calming sounds like ocean waves or rainfall on your Mac to block out unwanted noise and distractions.

Buddy Controller: If you need help with a game, you can now combine inputs from multiple controllers into one so your friend or caregiver can assist you in advancing to the next level.

Voice Control Call Hang Up: With Voice Control on, you can say “hang up” to end a FaceTime call or other phone call.

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New Languages and Voices for VoiceOver and Spoken Content: VoiceOver and Spoken Content now support over 20 additional languages and locales. You can also choose from new voices designed for assistive features.

Text Checker for VoiceOver: Before you share your document or email, check for formatting errors like duplicate spaces or incorrect capitalization with the text checker.

Type to Speak with Live Captions on Mac: During a phone or FaceTime call, or any video conferencing app, you can type out your response and have it spoken out loud in real-time with Live Captions on your Mac.

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