Unveiling the Latest AI Innovations with Microsoft Bing and Edge

Unveiling the Latest AI Innovations with Microsoft Bing and Edge
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Just a few months ago, Microsoft introduced the new AI-powered Bing and Edge, aiming to revolutionize web searching as a helpful co-pilot for users. The goal was to address the common problem of unsatisfactory search results and provide a better user experience. By combining advanced language models with a vast search index, Bing offers up-to-date, reliable, and interactive results. In just 90 days, Bing has gained over 100 million daily active users and seen a significant increase in mobile app installations. The integration of Bing into the Windows taskbar will further enhance its accessibility, reaching over half a billion customers every month. Overall, Bing is changing the way people find and access information on the web.

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Introducing Bing’s Open Preview

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The Bing team is delighted to announce that the new Bing is now available in Open Preview, eliminating the waitlist. This exciting development means that accessing the new Bing and Edge has become even more convenient for users, as they can simply sign in with their Microsoft Account. The team is thrilled to make it easier for everyone to experience the enhanced features and benefits of the new Bing.

Search with Visual Elements

Bing understands the power of visual information and its impact on user experience. With research showing that the human brain processes visuals much faster than text, Bing is committed to delivering visual tools that enhance search, creation, and comprehension. They have integrated visual experiences, such as Knowledge Cards and visual search, into their chat feature, providing users with richer and more visual answers, including charts, graphs, and improved formatting. This makes finding the desired information much easier and more efficient.

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To further enhance the visual capabilities, Bing has expanded the availability of Bing Image Creator to over 100 languages, allowing users to generate written and visual content in their native language. Additionally, Microsoft Edge, which is a popular platform for Bing chats, is undergoing a redesign to offer a sleeker and more enhanced user interface. The new design features rounded corners, organized containers, and semi-transparent visual elements, providing a seamless browsing experience. Furthermore, Bing is working towards incorporating visual search into chat, enabling users to upload images and search the web for related content, thereby expanding the multi-modal capabilities and offering more ways to explore information.

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Boosting Search Productivity

Search with Visual Elements
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Based on user feedback, two highly requested features have been introduced to enhance the Bing chat experience. Users can now access chat history and pick up where they left off, as well as move their chat to the Edge sidebar when opening a Bing chat result. Export and share functionalities have also been added, allowing for easy sharing of conversations on social media or continuation of collaborative work. Additionally, Microsoft Edge offers improved summarization for long documents and introduces Edge actions for completing tasks more efficiently. Mobile users can now benefit from page context in Bing chat, and the compose feature in the sidebar can tailor drafts based on user feedback. These updates aim to make chat more convenient, personalized, and integrated with other tools for a seamless user experience.

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Transitioning from a Product to a Platform

The new AI-powered Bing has been successful in aiding users in finding and creating what they need, making chat an invaluable tool for understanding and taking action. With the integration of Image Creator, the time-consuming task of creating images can now be completed directly within chat, saving users valuable time.

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In the near future, Bing Chat will introduce third-party plug-ins, providing a platform for developers to contribute their expertise. For instance, while researching the perfect dinner spot in Bing chat, OpenTable integration will assist users in finding and booking reservations. Similarly, by leveraging Wolfram|Alpha, users can generate compelling visualizations and obtain answers to complex questions involving science, math, and curated data, all through Bing chat. Collaborating with our partners at OpenAI, we are dedicated to making this opportunity accessible and consistent for developers, as we believe these capabilities will revolutionize search and open up new possibilities for developers. More information will be shared at Microsoft Build later this month, and we are excited to unveil further details.

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Continuing Open and Responsible Development

From the outset, responsible AI has been a central focus in the development of the new Bing and Edge. The introduction of the preview phase has played a vital role in our success, allowing us to learn from real-world testing and valuable feedback while expanding the user base. We firmly believe that open innovation and continuous learning are essential components of responsible practices. In collaboration with our partners at OpenAI, we have implemented safeguards to combat harmful content, leveraging insights gained during the preview phase. Our dedicated teams are actively working to address concerns such as misinformation, content blocking, data safety, and the prevention of promoting harmful or discriminatory content in accordance with our AI principles. To learn more about our commitment to responsible AI with the new Bing, click here.

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If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the new Bing and Edge, now is the perfect time to personally experience how we are revolutionizing web search with your reliable co-pilot. We will continue to gather feedback and make rapid adjustments during the preview phase, ensuring a thoughtful and measured approach. Each week, we incorporate the most requested features and updates, introducing new experiences along the way. Embark on the future of search by visiting bing.com today or

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